Board Meeting Minutes June 10th 2015


Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: June 10, 2015


Present: Chris Goff, Mary, DJ, Chuck, Mic, Dave D., Dave M., Emily, Colin, Marvin, Stacy, Dennis, Andrew

Apologies: Chris Gowen, Melissa




-          Stacy wants to do pictures for board members*

-          Dave following up with comptroller postcard*


Levee Update


-          Use small or local for $3,500 but 45 days out

-          CBRE – personal favor and come quicker but they don’t know anything about PG County



*Finances – We should we put $100K in a separate bank a/c given that the FDIC only insures $250K

-          PNC bank – two account – checking and money market

o   If we put 100,000 in a credit union. 90 day CD at credit unions? Put 25,0000 each quarter and ladder them?

o   Will double check on the amount in a rainy day fund

            - Bilingual info about the pool and gives other local pools to join



Closing -- DJ/DMc/Marvin

-          Any anomaly of any significance in terms of the money count should be explained on the envelope. Be inquisitive rather than passive

-          Retrain gate guards through survey monkey on closing*

-          Look for closing coverage for the next couple of weeks

Counting Money – Chuck

            Counting money and people are leaving

            - Encourage people to count money in the office or the kitchen and have either the manager or the other gate guard watch the gate. Leave the door open.


Physical Plant

Update on progress with the roof – Mic*

-          Meeting with a contractor tomorrow to get a price and scope and issues involved

Fencing/Gates – Chuck*

-          Lattice has not been removed, hinges not repaired, but plungers were installed but does not work properly on the baby pool so needs to be fixed

-          We have not paid them yet and will wait to hear from Chuck and DJ

-          Lighting work on time and materials basis –

o   Invoice for additional work

o   Lighting under the pavilion and other things

o   Wait until after the season*

-          Fixing the fence by the dumpster - $750 plus materials; need more bids*



Member meeting

-          Went well; report in last newsletter

-          Funding to buy a projector to do movie’s night for $600 approved

o   Gets kept in the locked cage and be sure to do movie nights


The Five-Year plan




Next Steps for the Next Meeting


Future Agenda Items

-          Update on Levee Response – ChrisGowen

-          Income and possible expenditures between now and the end of the year and look at that with the investment opportunities in banks


*Items needing follow-up