Member Meeting Minutes June 6th 2015

PG Pool Members Meeting: June 6, 2015, 4 PM

Called to order at 4:06

Quorum of 20 Memberships Met

Introductions of board members

Five year plan

DJ: Developed over 15 months, feedback gathered at Fall 2014 members meeting and over the winter.

$100K in rainy day fund. Open for comments.


Q: Will more solar panels or a green roof option be happening?

A: Currently have a solar panel rack on the roof, roof needs to be replaced, probably next year.


Q: Why is the ladies room nicer than the men’s?

A: Showers in ladies room were much closer than men’s to toilets, meaning that a change would have a significant impact. Not so in the men’s. New flooring in both bathrooms is on tap along with new benches in the men’s room, probably next year.


Q: Toilets are using a lot of water when flushed. Can that be controlled?

A: Will ask plumber – cost of doing this will be an issue.


Q: Will East and North side fencing be replaced with fencing?

A: No, there will be see-through fencing for visibility into parking lots. Other fences were for privacy. Future fencing will be metal.


Q: Are discounted pool memberships on the table for lower-income families?

A: Board does not want to sit in judgement of family finances and decide who is deserving. Fees are advertised, and we have a several years waitlist. Also, we have not raised fees in nine years.


Q: Are timers on the shower a possibility? Private showers have cut down on available space, can more showerheads be installed in the women’s bathroom? Can a shower be installed near the pool to encourage people to shower before swimming?

A: Piping and drainage is prohibitive for outdoor shower near pool. Considering extra showers in ladies. Please shame people who are taking too long.


Q: 2017-2019 Structures being planned. What are they?

A: Simple shade structure on the pool deck, one by fire pit TBD after levee work.


Q: Roofing line item – just replacing the roof, or more improvements to the bathhouse?

A: Only repair/replace roof as necessary.


Q: Why are we waiting to plant more trees until 2017?

A: The levee project. Want to plant them for shade along the alley to the pool house; high likelihood that levee construction will be using that alley, making it an issue for the trees.


Q: Gender neutral bathrooms? Want the pool to be inclusive for non-cis members.

A: Cost of this bathroom is prohibitive at this moment. We should be mindful and respectful of people in the bathrooms.


Q: Can we remove signs about boys? It’s a mixed signal

A: Signs address boys sneaking into women’s room. Adults should feel free to use bathroom where they identify, privacy stalls are there.


Compliments on improvements, including pavilion. Concerned about levee project.


Five year plan approved by voice unanimously


Introduces Bruce Schaper, president of Lighthouse, who manages the pool


Finance report


Budget is mostly flat. Bigger line item for professional services, based on anticipating services around the levee project.




97% renewal rate. 31 new memberships offered, went around 60 deep in waiting list. August memberships will be offered. 1,200 families currently on the waiting list.


Q: What if person got to top of waiting list, but didn’t want to join that year?

A: They have to take their place or they drop off the waiting list. We are very clear about that when people are given a membership. There may place their membership on hold for the price of one adult and the household fee.


Q: Do you anticipate any fee increases in the next few years?

A: Decision to raise fees is left to the board. Not a big move for it, and if it does happen, likely won’t be a lot.


Also – discounted lap swim memberships available. One member and 8-10 from the waiting list took advantage.


Q: Have we looked at the breakdown of where members live?

A: We can, don’t have it with us.


Q: If you’re giving lap memberships, will you spend money for lap lanes during lap swim time?

A: We have two lap lanes, we’re not investing money in lap lanes for two hours in the morning. Actually lost money this year on it, won’t be a big revenue source. No one has complained in the morning and they are not a group that is shy about making their feelings and opinions known.


Q: Local member wants to know about preferences for membership for people living in the neighborhood?

A: We have offered swim team memberships to the community around the pool for kids to join the swim team.


[Member response]: Doesn’t think we can give preferences based on geography, especially given the history

[Member response]: Worthwhile to discuss how to replicate the success of this pool at other pools so that folks can find a community like this in their neighborhoods. Perhaps we should invest future surplus funds in other pools.


A: Would oppose spending money on other pools. Worth noting that this pool’s success has been the product of investment in the facility, pool almost went under in 2004. Pool used to serve a specific geography, but membership woes changed that. It’s unfortunate that we can’t serve everyone, but the system we have is fair.


Levee Project


Project to extend levees to protect for 100 year floods. Includes constitutional taking around levee, also asking for a temporary taking near firepit as a staging area for levee work.


PG County has agreed to do work off-season, but there is no contingencies should that work spill into our season.


Also, space next to pool (where people currently park), we are concerned that even during season, work done there should not impact pool (with debris, etc. – NOT RELATED TO PARKING)


Working on assessment for compensation on land. Working on trying to find a fair figure. Commercial appraisals of this property, given that it’s a membership nonprofit, is difficult. Looking for an appraiser to do the work with those considerations to compare with county’s assessment.


Q: Is PG County still not selling the land adjacent to the pool? Can we do a swap for the land that they’re taking?

A: Two different government agencies have jurisdiction over the levee and the green space. They are not coordinated, but the two pieces of land are unrelated.


Q: What is the relationship with the Army Corps of Engineers?

A: They’re just doing the work; we are dealing with the county.

We could talk to the Corps about land use and logistics, but we’re not at that point yet.


Q: Are they planning on cutting down trees in the adjacent green space?

A: Yes, regulations around the levee will require it. They have said they will plant 10 trees for every one they cut down.


Q: What is the setback from the levee we may lose?

A: Not losing land – it’s a permanent easement, which will give them access. We will still have use of the land, except when they’re building.


[Member]: there are folks who’ve gone to court to reduce tree loss


Q: When is this supposed to start?

A: 18 months ago.


If anyone has any track on information about the project, please let us know. No one seems to be in a hurry.


[Member] Other members have had problems with levee project, appreciates the proactive approach to getting guarantees, given personal experience.


Q: Do have legal recourse if they start unannounced?

A: Yes


Q: Have we worked political connections?

A: Not necessary yet, but we should keep in touch with them. Issue is agreement with county, and it’s a slow process.


Q: Unclear on “easement” and “use”? What does it look like?

A: Project increases height of levee, won’t impact most use, especially in expanded area by pool deck. Impact on corner (mound, not owned by us) might be changed, which might take some of our usage.


Q: How long will project take? How will it impact the plan?

A: We don’t know how long. It may impact some of the plan, but we’re not overly concerned about those items.


Q: Contingencies if they’re not done by Memorial Day?

A: That’s the current sticking point.


Other business

Have made efforts to improve relationships with City of Mt. Rainier and community. We have made donation of $250 to Mt. Rainier Day parade.


We have negotiated with Thomas Stone Elementary to use parking lot, we have given them money for paint and seats in auditorium. We are paying above market for parking, people should use it.


New shelter will be dedicated to Raymond Bowlding to commemorate his role in integrating PG Pool 40 years ago.


Lost and Discarded: Concerned about loss of cultural, co-op aspects of lost & found, and sale. New location isn’t so great. Anyone who wants to talk about how to make it a positive lost & discarded experience, let’s talk.


[Member] I like the new location, it works well. Change is hard, but it’s a good thing. And we will have three lost & found sales, if you want them.


Thank yous to the board.


We should publicize new lost and discarded location until it takes.


Adjourned 5:09