Board Meeting Minutes May 9th 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: May 9, 2015


Present: David Nolan (arrived late), Chris Gowen, Marvin, Andrew Farrington, Mary Melchior, Melissa, Dave Mc., Chuck Thies, Stacy Smith, Dave DeRosa, Mic Byrne

Regrets: Colin Strauss-Riggs, Chris Goff, Emily Wurth



1.       Irrigation system – we lost our technician, Chuck is working on this, and Dave McC knows how to turn on the sprinklers and can help.

2.       Gary to waterproof the sandbox – may come to work day on 5/16/2015 no confirmation.

3.       Cash deposits in July – we need someone to do deposits in July as Dave MC will be out of town.

4.       Operations Manual – add an inventory list so we can manage items for bulk purchases i.e. paper towels, etc.         DJN

5.       Membership – sold out, about 8 folks for lap swim, working with those that needed to pay in installments.

6.       City of MT. Rainer – DJ and Chris met with them, asking for support from the pool for Mt. Rainer Day.  Suggestion to beautify the front of our building. We are set to do these improvements and will donate $250 to Mt. Rainier Day.

7.       Work days – weekend of 5/16 and 5/17. Emily with help. DJ doing yard sale. Final clean up to Splash Down.

8.       Fence is sagging – DMc will have this fixed.

9.       Don Stewart was voted off the board.  

10.   Committees and BOD member description – BOD work on putting together a list of committees for existing members and potential new members to participate.  We also need a BOD ‘job’ description for existing and new members.

11.   Adjunct members – having trusted ex-BOD members, and other pool members assist the BOD with tasks i.e. back up if a BOD member cannot close, assist with or run committees, etc. Everyone in favor of this idea.

12.   BOD headcount – we are at a good number, looking to diversity the BOD.  Item 12 is a good start.  This item will be addressed again before year end.

13.   Chuck –shared email from member Julie K asking about hosting a party earlier then set start time, BOD is ok with this and date is June 19th.

14.   Party bookings – will open up 5/16 at 8:00 am.

15.   Marvin/DJ – check for tree, etc.

16.   Babysitter/houseguest – no sign up, day before you start.

17.   Bruce from Lighthouse stopped by to talk with BOD.

18.   Dive stand – will be fixed due to damage.

19.   Opening weekend – Saturday 2 BOD members will be assigned to time slots. Each BOD member should check-in at the gate, Melissa will provide a BOD sign-in sheet with BOD member information for gate staff.

Next meeting Wednesday, May 27 at 7 pm