Board Meeting Minutes May 27th 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: May 27, 2015


Present: David Nolan, Chris Gowen, Chris Goff, Marvin, Andrew Farrington, Mary Melchior, Melissa, Dave M., Emily Wurth, Colin, Chuck Thies, Stacy Smith, Dave DeRosa, Mic Byrne

Regrets: Dennis



-          Review of opening

o   Women’s showers did not drain, but have been snaked

o   Water fountain was not working but was also fixed

o   Asked for experienced gate guards

§  Some didn’t have the password and username – Lighthouse’s fault

§  They were great but they worked too long of shifts

o   Overall much better than last year

o   People love the new shelter – ordered a plaque for it

o   Ran out of ice cream and soda – we should not sell bottled water

o   A little thin on guards in the shallow end on Monday

o   Kids stealing ice cream/soda?


-          Swim team stuff

o   Swim team will extend an offer of swim team memberships to 25 kids from  Queenstown apartments if they can pay the fee and swim 50 yards

§  Offer has been sent to management and they are disseminating

o   4 coaches

o   Finances—talk about how to register swim team finances in budget and can determine if they have extra money for swim team or not.                  DJN/Marvin

o   When took down swim team lanes and did not put up short lanes – DJ will tell guards to put in lap lanes after swim team.


-          Swim lessons

o   Group swim lessons are starting June 23

o   Lighthouse is running the program the same as last year. Lighthouse went into deficit last year paying Meghan. There will be an early week and they will be more in the morning – will know by Friday or Saturday. Caitlin and Adam will teach some. Will go in the newsletter this week. List of guards and swim team teens who can teach lessons and will do a how to teach swim lessons class.

-          Newsletter

o   Swim lessons

o   Member Meeting

o   Lost and Found

o   Parking

o   Events – Music on the 30th, Food truck?

o   Parties get two tables only – red tables on party tables


-          Agenda for Member Meeting June 6

o   Introduce board

o   Five year plan

o   Member manual

o   Finance Report

o   Chris- Levee update


-          Parking – flyer and Thomas Stone

o   Parking for Thomas Stone - $2,000 payment for paint and chairs for the assembly

o   Approved paying for the parking

o   Group of volunteers to put flyers on people’s cars on Saturday and Sunday

o   Approve leaflets for the first few weekends of the season and at the front desk and then revisit.


-          Lifetime memberships

o   DJN to email the requesting former member to tell him that the entity that offered lifetime memberships no longer exists as it lost its charter in 1956 for nonpayment of taxes.

- August Membership

- Offer memberships to first 250 members – August only – no labor day – need explicit instructions           Dennis/DJN


-          Closing schedule

o   Go in to google calendar

-          Wrist bands for passing swim test

o   Ordered – will be here soon

-          Clean office at the end of the season—pull everything out

-          No to moving a party from Friday to Saturday this weekend

-          Special party request from people who have booked overlapping parties on Friday 6/19. They want to know if they can exceed the combined total # of guests allowed for two parties (70). We can’t accommodate this on a Friday.

-          Gates

o   The wooden gate will be finished, lattice removed and the latches will all be fixed on broken gates.


Next Agenda:

-          Check in on leaflets in parking lot 

Off season agenda items:

- Parties