Board Meeting Minutes April 19, 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: April 19, 2015


Present: David Nolan, Chris Gowen, Chris Goff, Marvin, Andrew Farrington, Mary Melchior, Dennis, Melissa, Dave M., Emily Wurth, Colin, Chuck Thies, Stacy Smith, Dave DeRosa, Mic Byrne

Regrets: Don




-       Membership Renewal Numbers Dennis

o   Only 31 memberships open after renewals. 1,238 people on the wait list

o   Some senior memberships paid by check

o   Will go through the top wait list members in 2 weeks (hopefully quicker)

-       Lap swim only memberships

o   Only one taker in current membership

o   8 people on the waitlist want this. Accepted.


Pool grounds improvements and maintenance etc:

-       Status of ongoing projects DJ

o   Shelter is up

o   Board decided to go with grass not sod

o   Replaced the stand for the diving board and Bruce and Ken are going to drill holes in it. Ken wants to dig out the stand and get it repaired properly

Charging the contractor for putting dirt in the pool—have to remove it

o   Replacing the roof of the pumphouse to slope away from the pool in the next 10 days

o   Ladies bathroom work is completed. Stalls arriving next week and they will be installed.

o   Brian will paint the non-slippery pain

o   Meeting Carlos Tuesday morning with updated drawings on the lighting in the bathhouses – will revise his proposal but didn’t expect to change

o   Will also put a light in the tool room and shed

o   Decided against the swimsuit spinner because of noise

o   Bruce will repair chair straps before the season starts

o   Auction off the pile of stuff we won’t be using—old trashcans, rainbarrels, old grills, tools – maybe one of the first two weekends in May.

-       Workdays

o   Bought ten new tables

o   People repaired all the tables at workdays

o   Need to put wheels on the new tables and umbrella holders on those

o   Painting benches in the bathhouses

-       Final Tasks for opening

o   Order sand

o   Putting concrete slabs for under the trashcans

o   Need to find sprinkler person to open and close

o   Gary wants to waterproof the wood for the new sandbox

-       Operations Manual DMc/DJ

o   Offer a streamlined version of the manual for members as a pdf on the website

-       Opening Weekend

o   Emily to make a google doc so that we have board members here all weekend

-       Pick a date to offer to Thomas Stone for their teacher pool time (Stacy)

o   Thursday from 2-5 before PG Schools are out

-       Other Lighthouse update (Stacy)

o   Start their trainings on May 9

o   6-8 more guards (15 years or older)  

§  Starts at $9.50 up to $12 – assistant manager making $14

o   No more gate guards

o   New filters are in the pool and working well – should have better quality water



-       Financial Report (Marvin)

-       Revised instructions for the Designated Depositor including tracking of envelope transfers from closing board members – will get an email from Marvin if not deposited within a week

-       New Depositor – David McCandlish for May, June and August, Need someone for July



-       Next step to ask for a meeting where DJ and Chris Gowen and maybe others go line by line to see what can be worked out.

-       Is there anyone who knows if the appraisal is fair- could we put it out to the membership? We decided to ask the membership for this.

-       Ask if as part of this arrangement we could ask to own the property all the way to the fence.

-       Using drop box to share docs (Chris Gowen)

o   Chris Gowen will share with board and we will keep all documents there

-           Inspections (Chris Gowen)

            Health permit is done by Lighthouse

            Mt Rainier Permit—Chris G.


Other Items:

-       Pat Houston resigned from the PG Pool Board

-       Marvin will  contact the Dumpster company – charging a lot more than last year


Outstanding items from previous meetings:

·         Stacy will make the photos of board members happen next season.

·         DavidMc to resolve problems with wooden fencing on the playing field side of the property.

·         All Board Members and the five-year-plan committee to come up with a suggestion for alternative paving system for the shelter and under the grills.


Next Meeting

-       May 9 at 4pm

-       May 27 at 7pm and every alternating Wednesday at 7pm throughout the season