Board Meeting Minutes March 13, 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: March 13, 2015


Present: Dennis, Marvin, Colin, Dave D., Andrew, Mary, DJ, Chuck, Emily

Regrets: Chris Goff, Stacy, Chris Gowen, Dave M., Melissa, Mic

Absent: Pat H., Don


Operations Manual

-          Edits will be made to indicate vote to remove member and that guards will clean grills twice a week

-          Will send to Lighthouse so George (head guard) is aware of what is expected

-          Is an Incident Report form a good idea to be sure we are capturing info if there is a complaint?



-          But one 30 inch classic and one 42 inch deluxe model of the Wilmington grill to see how they each work

-          Save the rest of the budget for reserve to see if we need to buy other grills


Work days

Please sign up for a work day here. We would like two board members at each work day:…

Workday Task List

-          Paint tables in alley

-          Leave the tables to be repaired on the deck

-          DJ and Melissa to figure this out

Bathroom Signs/accessibility

-          Leave the signs as is

-          Caitlin may not be able to come back as the head coach – for the swim team this year so we are looking for someone

 Costco cash card for soda stockers

-          Buy a bigger fridge – empty it in a day on a busy day

-          Fridge – 80 inches high, 30 by 30 - $200 (compressor replaced 4 years ago) – we are going to buy it and they will move it for us

-          Gift card at Costco—put more money on it – give us receipts



-          Senior/very senior memberships –20 members 70 and older, 2 in their 80s, 2 in their 90s – don’t pay co-op fees, Mary Beth keeps in touch with them

-          1,200 families on the wait list

-          Last year we had 50 slots and went to 80 families

-          6 on wait list want to do lap swim only


5 year plan updates

-          Bid from Metro Fence (Chuck):

o   Fence from the bathhouse to the dumpster – stockade fence same to what faced the soccer field– 8 ft. - $7,000

o   Kiddie pool – 4 foot -steel – blue paint will fade to baby blue $12,000 – ask price of white – will be cheaper than blue

-          Mic will address lights for bathhouses

-          Need to get gutters on the new shed

-          Sell rain barrels and other stuff that we don’t need at the pool

Next Steps

-          Going to use pavers under the grills and for the trash cans (Chuck to supervise on a workday)

-          Marvin – new envelope depositing policy

-          Stacy – make photo of board members

-          Credit cards still needed for a Dave D. – open on Saturdays until 1pm

-          DJ dumpster

-          Chris G. parking lot


Next Meeting April 19

Agenda Items thus far:

-          Lighthouse Policy

-          Events Report

-          Fence bid – competitive