Board Meeting Minutes February 22, 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: February 22, 2015


Present: AndrewF, ChrisGoff, ChuckT, DennisA, MicB, DJN, StacyS, MaryM, DonS, CGow, DdeR.

Apologies: EmilyW, MelissaT, ColinSR, MarvinR, DaveMcC.

Absent: PatH.



·         Dave deRosa requested $500 for new mics. Approved.


The Five-Year Plan

·         DJ and Chuck met with contractors to get estimates for toddler pool fencing and bathroom showers in the women’s restroom. The board approved the latter contract .

·         Chuck will price stockade fence from bathrooms to the dumpster .


Levee Update

·         ChrisG reported on his communication with the County over the levee project. There is some dissembling in the community that we are the sole holdouts over advancing the project. This is not true and we need to be represented at community meetings to ensure that our perspective is represented accurately.                   DN/CG



·         DJN and DA will draft a letter to membership about the new category of membership, the rule on transferring co-op hours, the open registration dates for this coming season and the long season without a fee increase.          Done

·         DJN is in negotiation with Thomas Stone school to secure overflow parking for our members.



·         Board members submitted lists of those who should be exempt from prepaying a co-op deposit. This was passed to Tanya Renne for incorporation into the membership database.



·         Stacy reported on the camps we expect in 2015. Dance Place and Joe’s are it for the moment. They need to sign contracts in advance.

·         We need to develop a protocol so that Peace Camp or others do not use our facility for free.  SS

o   If members or guests visit our facility as part of an organized activity that is run, directed or organized by any entity besides PG Pool and that collects financial compensation for such activity those members or guests must inform PG Pool and have in place a contract signed by both parties. Organized activities include any and all camps.   

·         Stacy introduced the LH Contract + Staff Training protocols for 2015. When the latter is finalized, we will sign the contract, which the board approved.  

·         Ken (LH) will present a plan on installing the kickboards for lessons/lap swimmers etc.

·         Stacy will discuss the timing of the various preseason tasks that LH need to do:

o   Replacing the gravel, sand, and laterals in the main pool and wading pool filters. $7,250.00

o   The bearings in the main pool pump motor should be replaced as they are starting to make some noise. They are permanently lubricated bearings which cannot be greased. Budget $450.00

o   The deck drain pipe gets clogged at the 90* elbow by the alley. Add a clean-out pipe so we can easily clear the clog when it happens. Budget $175.00

o   [I believe this was done already, but just in case:] The main drain covers have a 3 year lifespan that’s enforced by the health department. We will need to replace them at a total cost of $1,167.00 installed.



·        DJN reported on the website updates – 90% complete.

Physical Plant

·         DJ reached out to landscaper and Chuck will manage it during the season.  Done. The Board also approved the contract for the work on the ladies bathroom and the lighting in both bathhouses.  


Next Steps for the Next Meeting

·         DavidMc to resolve problems with wooden fencing on the playing fields side of the property.

·         All Board Members and the five-year-plan committee to come up with a suggestion for alternative paving system for the shelter and under the grills.

·         Emily and Marvin should come up with a system (extension of the existing Google calendar?) to register envelope/cash handoff and deposit.

·         Older members – see how many are older than 90. Next meeting. Dennis.

·         Stacy will make the photos of board members happen next season.

·         Dave Mc. will get credit cards for Marvin, Dave D., and DJ and make DJ and Marvin check signatories. The latter is complete. The former has been started.

·         DJ will reach out to dumpster – March 15.

·         Thomas Stone school x2 – DN/SS

·         Yard Sale at the pool


Next Agenda Items

Work Days

Workday Task List

Bathroom Signs/accessibility

Operations Manual

Lighthouse Policy



Next Meetings: March 15; April 19.