Board Meeting Minutes November 24, 2013

Present:  Mary Melchior, David McCandlish, Dave DeRosa, Emily Wurth, DJ Nolan, Don Stewart, Chuck Thies, Stacy Smith, Andrew Farrington, Chris Goff, Chris Gowen, Mic Byrne, Ariana Childs Graham, Marvin Russell, Dennis Alexander.

Apologies: Pat Houston.

Absent: Colin Strauss-Riggs



·       Protocol for Camps     SS

·       Progress on Improvements to the Database     TR

·       Chuck T will work with the paving company to replace the pavers.

·       Lighthouse submitted a review of the pool and plant from. Noted. We need to ensure that they complete the ladder work. The gate guard situation needs monitoring as does the lengthy shifts that some guards had to work through. The guard shack needs to be cleaned and tidied.  SS

·       Chuck will investigate new guard chairs and cushioning the seats.                     CT




·       Board Roles/Responsibilities                

DN distributed a review of the committees/board positions.

·       Committee Definitions/Responsibilities                       

o   Will add guidance for board members on how to run a workday and how to close the pool etc. to the operations manual

o   DJ will update operations manual

Capital Improvements

·       Update on Five-Year Plan                                DJN

o   Committee thinks we should be able to do all short and medium term goals in the next two years with a $50,000/year capital improvement budget.

o   Improvements to dumpster area - $5,000

o   Pad for trucks outside gate - $2,800 –

§   Chuck suggests pricing reinforced concrete since asphalt would heave or possibly the pavers and he will talk to Michelle about this

o   BBall court - $6,000

o   Do all three concrete projects for $10,000

o   Gas line for next year being priced

o   Chuck and Michelle to come up with a plan to put pavilion next to bath house where the ping pong table is currently located

o   We will get some aesthetic design from Michelle and Chuck will being to price it out a plan for the structure

·       Top priorities for 2014 season

o   Dining structure

o   BBall deck

o   Dumpster deck

o   Bike rack outside

o   Lights in the trees in the back

o   Reworking fencing around the pool to make it more sensible area including the fence of the main pool and where the toddler pool opens





·       2014 Budget                                                    

o   Budget Proposed by Dave

o   Changes from previous years:

§  Added more to Physical Plant (Buildings/Ground)

§  Pool contract about the same as last summer (higher than in the past)

§  Net income at the end of the year would be 83,000

·       $30,000 for a rainy day fund

o   Discussion of increasing this in the case of a catastrophe and we would not be able to open

·       Spend no more than $50,000 for capital improvements

o   Playground to be constructed in the spring $12,000 - $15,000

§  We have paid for all the materials  roughly $20,000

§  Finally have the permit for the playground

§  Plan to get a line of credit from the bank but with receiving parking lot money, it may not be necessary

§  Still waiting to hear from the contractor about getting the playground installed  - we would like this the third week of March. (Dave M. Chuck and Stacy will arrange for this.

§  Board approved the budget for 2014.




Physical Plant

o   Chuck, Dennis  and Mic to work out a plan for coop jobs

o   Will ask Joe Kelly to move outdoor shower and move urinal lower for kids

o   Showerheads either Brian or co-op people can do

o   Dave M. had a fix to the umbrellas for less than $10/table

o   Paver guy is coming in early December to move pavers

Pool Management

  • Approved two payments for Lighthouse for overage on hours and for maintenance



Future Meetings

·       Meeting Dates: Skip December; January 12 (4:00); February 9 (4:00); March 16 (4:00)


Future Agenda Items:

·       Children of current members becoming members in their own right

·       Some memberships include a parent as a babysitter. We will monitor and reassess this loophole at the end of the season.

·       Improvements to the party form

·       Adverse Possession

·       PG Pool Buck Cards for Guest Fees

·       Eco-Spraying the Flies