Board Meeting Minutes October 27, 2013


Present:  Mary Melchior, Pat Houston, David McCandlish, Dave DeRosa, Emily Wurth, DJ Nolan.

Apologies: Don Stewart, Chuck Thies, Stacy Smith, Andrew Farrington, Chris Goff, Colin Strauss Riggs, Chris Gowen.





·       Protocol for Camps     SS

·       Progress on Improvements to the Database     TR

·       Solicit a review of the pool and plant from Lighthouse. We need to ensure that they complete the ladder work. The gate guard situation needs monitoring as does the lengthy shifts that some guards had to work through. The guard shack needs to be cleaned and tidied.  SS

·       Chuck will investigate new guard chairs and cushioning the seats.                     CT




·       Mic Byrne, Ariana Childs Graham, Marvin Russell and Dennis Alexander were all voted onto the board.

·       The board elected Emily Wurth as secretary


Capital Improvements

·       Prioritizing Forthcoming Projects
The board discussed a vision for the next five years, which resulted in a decision to continue a slower pace for major improvements, as outlined in the short/medium term goals below. Further significant improvements to the bathhouses etc. should be considered when the basics have been completed. 

·       Update on Play Structure.

o   Still awaiting a permit. Pat to provide missing documents to permit people.

o   Late Breaking – we are permitted and will see if we can install now or must wait until Spring.

·       Replacing the Pavers

o   Chuck T will work with the paving company to replace the pavers.








Physical Plant

Pool Management



Future Meetings

·       Meeting Dates: November 24 (4:00); Skip December; January 12 (4:00); February 9 (4:00); March 16 (4:00)



Report on the PG Pool’s Five Year Plan Meeting:

September 28, 2013



·       Awaiting Report on Pool Infrastructure from Bruce

·       Approved $700 for structural engineer

·       Need landscape architect to review grounds


Short/Medium-Term Goals:

·       Shade Structure(s)

o   Retractable Shade for guardshack?

o   Shade over the grills?

o   Shade on main pool deck?

o   Shade somewhere else?

·       Rainy day fund ($30K p/a proposed)

·       Rework entrance to Toddler Pool

·       Grills/gas line

·       More bike racks

·       Basketball area

·       Landscaping/deal with puddles

·       Improve dumpster area

·       Kitchen upgrades: Fans/cooling, flooring, possible new commercial grade refrigeration

·       Alley: Water drainage, possible hardscaping and landscaping

·       Paint alley to make clear that those who park there do not block access for ambulances. 

Longer-Term Goals:

·       Toddler Pool area waterpark

·       Repurchase green area by parking lot

·       Perimeter fencing

·       Rebuild/improve bathhouses for better bathrooms, dressing area, kitchen, meeting area (tile bathroom floors)

·       Spinners for swim suits

·       Play features in the toddler pool

·       One way system in the parking lot/Reconfigure parking system

·       Teen area

·       Snack bar (RFP from interested members)

·       Family bathroom


Co-op Jobs

·       Cosmetic upgrades to the bathrooms: Shower curtains, paint, more hooks, Shower gel/shampoo/conditioner dispensers, shelves/racks by showers, paint

·       Replace small Toilet Paper Holders in men’s  

·       Lockers – some of the top pieces in the ladies need to be attached.

·       Figure out system for umbrellas in tables (DMc)

·       Paint bathroom floors

·       Compost/No Compost

·       New sandbox/ Play sand for sandbox

·       Keep men’s room tidier/no equipment

·       Plant cypresses along alley fence

·       Bocce court

·       Block off area under new toddler pool deck

·       Move fencing around main pool/between the two pools

·       Move the lost and found

·       Paint/upgrade exterior walls of poolhouse

·       Lights in Trees

·       Coffee cans over the horseshoe pit stakes

·       Roaches/flies/ticks

·       Fire pit (DdeR)

·       Water fix for slide?

·       Gutters still need work

·       Replace roof on wading pool pump house.

·       Repair the leak by Toddler Pool


As Needed

·       Pool liner

·       Resurface parking lot

·       Rebuild pump house structure


Joe Kelly/Brian/purchase

·       Noodles

·       Shareable high chairs

·       Directional + 2x hand-held shower heads

·       Curtain around showers in ladies?

·       Locks for ice cream fridges

·       More chairs/loungers

·       Lower urinal for toddlers

·       Remove drinking fountain

·       Replace door on tool shed and install a proper lock on the office. All four locks should have the same key.

·       Security box for office

·       Better ping pong paddles

·       Tables/chairs for pool deck and toddler pool deck

·       Move outdoor shower

·       Some new umbrellas

·       Repair fans in kitchen

·       Reconfigure light switches/outdoor lighting

·       Repair cracks in pumphouse walls

·       Replace outlet by the soda fridge/Repair the shutter in the guardhouse/complete removal of old lights and reconfigure switches for new lights



·       Friday is not a weekend day for fees

·       More events on Sundays

·       Lap swim membership

·       Ice cream sales on late nights/Comestible prices?

·       Cleaner pool water

·       Reduce Intercom use

·       Reduce Summer Camps

·       Times on tables for parties

·       Have protocol for when big lights are switched on


[Outstanding Tasks:]

·       Swim Team will install a trophy cabinet and include team records.


Future Agenda Items:

·       Children of current members becoming members in their own right

·       Some memberships include a parent as a babysitter. We will monitor and reassess this loophole at the end of the season.

·       Improvements to the party form

·       Adverse Possession

·       PG Pool Buck Cards for Guest Fees

·       Eco-Spraying the Flies