Board Meeting Minutes September 14th 2013

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: September 14, 2013

Present: Mary Melchior, Don Stewart, Chuck Thies, Pat Houston, Chris Gowen, Tanya Renne, David McCandlish, Stacy Smith, Dave DeRosa, Emily Wurth, DJ Nolan, Andrew Farrington.
Apologies: Chris Goff, Colin Strauss Riggs.
Also Present: Jeen-Marie Belson, Ariana Childs Graham, Caeden Dempster, Giuseppe Cimino.


• Board Leadership: Mary Melchior asked to be relieved of the presidency and DJ Nolan was elected president.
• The Member Meeting Report was approved. DN will distribute it.
• Correspondence
o Will be passed to board members for information.
• Camps – all camps must be approved by the board before they are allowed to come to the grounds. Stacy will develop a protocol that outlines counselor/camper ration, costs etc.

Capital Improvements
• The tax return was filed. The board will review it, and asked to review the forms in advance in future.
• Financial Report
o DaveMc presented an overview of the season’s finances.
o Improvements to Database. The expenditure of up to $1,600 was approved to enable our system to function as we would like.
o Outstanding Envelopes Pat will provide us with a list of the missing ones and include by each date the name of the board member responsible.
o A request to consider a Line of Credit was proposed and agreed. It is only to be used when the cash on hand is reduced to $5,000 and with board approval.
o Security Box – postponed until next year.

• Tanya to send DJN a PDF of the seasonal attendance records for inclusion in the member report.

Physical Plant
• Gitmo Lights – We need a policy on when they are lit and they need to be raised.
• Lights in the trees? 5-year plan.
• Chuck will investigate new guard chairs and cushioning the seats.
• DaveMc will come up with a solution to the umbrellas bending over.
• Non-workday postseason tasks:
o Joe Kelly to fix the two blocked sinks and one blocked urinal in the men’s. DONE
o Call to reduce postseason trash to one more after Oktoberfest. DONE

[Outstanding Tasks:]
• Swim Team will install a trophy cabinet and include team records.
• Replace outlet by the soda fridge/Complete installation of a new outlet near fire pit/Repair the shutter in the guardhouse/complete removal of old lights and reconfigure switches for new lights Brian
• Slide is onsite. DMc to arrange water fix.
• Gutters still need work. We will add another downspout and direct it towards the street. DJN
• Replace roof on wading pool pump house. Greg Smith will lead this project.
• Repair the leak by Toddler Pool
• Umbrellas/Loungers//New Chairs/Table Painting
• Toilet Paper Holders – we will replace all the smaller holders with the big ones. Need to purchase and install three new ones.
• Lockers – some of the top pieces in the ladies need to be attached.
• Paint men’s changing area. Preseason 2014.
• Replace door on tool shed and install a proper lock on the office. All four locks should have the same key.
• Paint alley to make clear that those that park there do not block access for ambulances.

Pool Management
• Postseason Assessment: We made a lot of changes to our contract this year, most significantly the expectations we had for the guards. The board felt that Lighthouse did step up and that the work done was at a much higher level than in previous years. Stacy will meet with Bruce in the next week to review this past season and start planning for 2014. We will also solicit a review of the pool and plant from Lighthouse. We need to ensure that they complete the ladder work. The gate guard situation needs monitoring as does the lengthy shifts that some guards had to work through. The guard shack needs to be cleaned and tidied.

Future Meetings
• Meeting Dates: Sunday AMs at either 10:30am or 4:00pm: TENTATIVE: October 27 (10:30); November 24 (4:00); Skip December; January 12 (10:30); February 9 (4:00); March 16 (10:30)…

Future Agenda Items:
• Snack Bar for 2014
• Children of current members becoming members in their own right
• Some memberships include a parent as a babysitter. We will monitor and reassess this loophole at the end of the season.
• Improvements to the party form
• Ice cream prices in 2014/ Ice cream sales on Friday evenings?
• Adverse Possession
• PG Pool Buck Cards for Guest Fees
• Eco-Spraying the Flies
• Locks for ice cream fridges
• Propane/Natural gas proposal

Report from Our Member Meeting on Saturday, August 31
• President’s Report:
o Mary Melchior introduced a state of the pool report. We’re in good shape.
o Membership Report: Tanya Renne gave an overview of our membership situation. Membership is full and the waiting list is expanding daily.
o Events: Dave deRosa said we had events all summer. And he was right. He asked for feedback on the food trucks. Amid the belching and other emissions of bodily gases, various congratulatory sounds were heard.
o Financial Report: The treasurer, Dave McCandlish, passed around a summary of our finances and introduced the financial state of the pool. We are debt free and in rude financial health, which allowed us to significantly increasing guards’ wages and our opening hours without passing on any price increases to our members.
• Survey Report:
o DJ Nolan reviewed the results of the member survey. A PDF of the result will be on our website in the next couple of weeks. Generally, members were very happy and excited about the improvements. The main concerns were parking and water quality/cleanliness. The board will speak with our management company about the latter before next season. More bike racks were likely to be installed in 2014, which should alleviate some of the parking concerns and the board will look into purchasing the land adjacent to the pool grounds. Some members raised concerns about the perceived crowding in June and early July.
• Future Improvements:
o DJ Nolan said that we would be developing a five year plan but in the interim we would be installing a playground before the 2014 season and probably a shade structure as well.
• Membership Agreement Changes:
o Four proposed changes to the membership agreement were passed unanimously.
 No party reservations on holidays;
 Guest fee exemption for those over the age of 80;
 Remove/Adapt Payment by Check Option with an exception for those who do not have ready access to a computer; and
 Removal of co-op fees for those 70 and over and for those who will be away for a season or more.
• Board Elections
The five members of the board who were up for reelection, Mary Melchior, Dave McCandlish, Andrew Farrington, Chris Gowen & Stacy Smith, were elected unanimously.
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