Our Co-op Culture 2015

PG Pool Relies on Our Members 
Prince George’s Swimming Pool operates on a co-operative basis, depending on our members to maintain and improve the facilities and facilitate the day-to-day operations of the pool. Members' time and efforts help keep our costs low and make our pool a clean, safe and comfortable place to be. When members don’t pitch in, we must outsource some of this work. That’s why a membership at our pool includes a co-op deposit.

The Basics
All adults aged 21-69 on Opening Day pay a refundable co-op deposit: $100 up to the age of 59; those age 60-69 pay $50. Members age 70 and over do not pay a co-op deposit. Co-op deposits are refundable. If you complete and document your membership's full co-op service of 2.5 hours per adult by 10/31, your co-op deposit will be refunded provided you claim a refund in writing by 11/15. There are no partial refunds; the entire membership’s co-op obligation must be completed before a refund request will be honored.

Fee Payment
Co-op deposits are charged to your credit card when you join at the beginning of the season.

Completing Your Co-op Service
There are several ways to contribute your co-op hours. You can:

  • Participate in a scheduled workday
  • Commit to a seasonal job
  • Complete an occasional job (a weekly to-do list will be posted to the pool listserv and on the pool bulletin board)

Documenting Your Co-op Service
In order to receive credit for your co-op hours, each time you do any co-op service you should login to our membership website, click on the co-op tab and complete the required information:

  • The date you did the work
  • A brief description of the work you did
  • How much time you spent
  • If applicable, the board member you liaised with

If you do not have or only have sporadic internet access please contact a board member and make alternative arrangements for documenting your co-op hours.

Requesting a Refund
In order to receive a refund of your co-op deposit, you must:
1) Complete and document your membership's co-op service by 10/31. No partial refunds will be given so the entire membership's hours must be completed in order to receive the refund.
2) Request your refund by sending an email to refunds(at)pgpoolmembers(dot)org. Please include your membership number. Deposits cannot be refunded if the request is received after 11/15 or the membership's entire requirement is not completed.

We are, of course, completely open to people completing more than the co-op requirement, and/or donating the co-op deposit to the pool. If you do the latter, please let us know so that we can acknowledge this in writing.