Board Meeting Minutes July 25th 2013

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: July 25, 2013

Present: Mary Melchior, Pat Houston, Stacy Smith, Andrew Farrington, Chris Gowen, Tanya Renne, DJ Nolan, Colin Strauss-Riggs, David McCandlish, Dave DeRosa, Don Stewart, Emily Wurth.
Apologies: Chris Goff.
Absent: Chuck Thies.

• Fence improvements: Need Metropolitan to come back to do the southwest corner and fix the fence/gates around the toddler pool and a stray unmoored post into the guard area. ​Completed
• Driveway Improvement and new handicapped spot. Completed.
• Slide is onsite. DMc to arrange water fix.
• DMc will work on a party form and talk to Tanya and the party volunteer, Ginger. ​DMc
• Business Plan Needed. ​Board
• Co-op: Shoppers. We need more volunteers. ​CS-R/Newsletter
• Gutters still need work. We will add another downspout and direct it towards the street. DJN
• Lights over the volleyball court. Still waiting delivery of new unit on August 5. ​DJN
• Composting. DN spoke with Jim Groves. ​Noted



• Procedure for guests staying past toddler swim hours—is this a problem? No. Noted.
• Staying Open after Closing Day. Tabled to the next meeting. ​Board

Capital Improvements

• Propane proposal. Howie to do site survey. ​DJN
• Playground Proposal II. Next meeting.
o Play equipment near the fence. Parents, please move it away from the fence. Newsletter


• Correspondence
o DJ’s Voicemail from a disgruntled neighbor. DJN will correspond with her.
o From MarshaS to do some business on pool grounds. Refused. DJN will correspond with her.
o From a member re the guards siting themselves on the deck when they are off duty. To be monitored. ​Noted


• New online list of co-op jobs. ​Newsletter



• Financial Report
o Loan Repayment payoff approved. We will be debt free. ​Noted
o Possible Improvements for 2013-4. Ask the membership in a survey. ​DN
o Secondary Market in PG Pool Bucks – not a problem. ​Noted
o August membership take-ups. Only three have taken this up. Go to 200. TR



• Members Meeting 8/31
o Financial Report
o Co-op Fee Changes? (Removal of co-op fees for those over 70 and for those who are away for the year)
o New rule proposal. No party reservations on Holidays.
o Guest fee exemption for the over 80s
o Remove/Adapt Payment by Check Option
o Swimming Lesson Update
o Future Improvements
o Elections

Physical Plant

• Swim Team Proposal: To install a trophy cabinet and include team records. ​Swim Team
• Umbrellas/Loungers/Table Repair. Stacy/Physical plant
• Pat will look at locks for the ice cream and soda machines. ​PH
• Security proposal for equipment. Andrew will investigate options. ​AF
• The board approved via email the purchase and installation of a new starter for the main pool pump. ​Noted
• Toilet Paper Holders – we should replace all the smaller holders with the big ones. Need to purchase and install three new ones.
• Lighting​DJN/Brian
• Repair Tables – I have a member who volunteered to do this.​DJN
• Replace roof on wading pool pump house. Greg Smith will lead this project.
• Lockers – some of the top pieces need to be attached. We have volunteers.​DJN
• Replace outlet by the soda fridge/Complete installation of a new outlet near fire pit/Repair the shutter in the guardhouse/complete removal of old lights and reconfigure switches for new lights Brian/DJN
• Paint men’s changing area. Preseason 2014.
• Replace door on tool shed and install a proper lock on the office. All four locks should have the same key. Brian?

Pool Management

• Labor Report/Management – our contract was padded with extra hours this year but we are still way over it up to July 14. This is due to extra lifeguards and the need for two gate guards for much of the time we are open. While we do not want to contract for all these extra hours in future years (as then we are liable for them even if we don’t use them), we will likely experience a similar overage each year. ​Noted
• Board members need to intervene with the manager if they see any issues that need to be resolved. ​Board
• Stacy updated us on the swimming lesson situation, which Lighthouse will be managing this next year.​Noted
• Ice cream sales will close at 8:40.​Board


Future Meetings

• Meeting Dates: 8/8 & 22.
• Future Agenda Items:
o Snack Bar for 2014
o Children of current members becoming members in their own right
o Some memberships include a parent as a babysitter. We will monitor and reassess this loophole at the end of the season.
o Ice cream prices in 2014
o Adverse Possession