Board Meeting Minutes May 19, 2013

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: May 19, 2013

Present: Mary Melchior, David McCandlish, DJ Nolan, Dave DeRosa, Tanya Renne, Pat Houston, Chuck Thies, Emily Wurth, Stacy Smith, Andrew Farrington, Don Stewart, Colin Strauss-Riggs.
Apologies: Chris Goff.
Absent: Chris Gowen.

• DonS declined to serve as head of the Physical Plant committee. ​Noted
• PG County requires permits for ice cream sales, use and occupancy? Dropped
• Cash pickups - there will be a new form and slightly modified procedure (simplified: no tape reading or x/z out). ​Noted
• Opening Weekend Board Coverage. A list was passed around and partially completed.
• We agreed to open at 11:30 on Opening Day.
• Gate-guard orientation will take place on Thursday before opening.
• Stacy reported on swim lessons. Fewer in the evening, more in the day. All to be managed by Lighthouse.
• The board agreed to restock Island Style Ice Cream. A member will manage this.



• The board agreed to email our waiting list with an offer from Adelphi Pool. We will receive $25 for each new membership they receive.
• The board agreed to host a fundraiser for the Rondelli family on June 29. Guest fees and food profits will go to the family. ​

Capital Improvements

• Improve the guttering/install rain barrels. ($5K) DJN/DavedeR
• Price a 25’x 50’ pavilion for shade (with fans) (PH)




• DdeR submitted an extensive events calendar. Noted. DJN will get it on the website. ​DJN


• DMc submitted a healthy financial report. We will defer discussion about the loan payoff until July. ​Noted



• Membership Woes:
o Agreed: I am a senior member who joined in 2011 and was too late to join for 2012. I am only one person and will not be there every day, as I work. I hope you can find room for me. I usually stay for about 2 hours, never bring guests and I really enjoy it.
Rejected: Our family recently found out that we are relocating to Wisconsin at the beginning of August. We have paid for our 2013 membership and would like to maintain our membership for the summer. However we were wondering if there was any possibility of allowing another family to "buy out" the remainder of our membership for the month of August.
Rejected: I am the primary account holder. I wrote before via the website and received no response, but Fred Nye, who was living with us and had registered and paid has now moved out of town and I was hoping that I could cancel his membership and get a refund. Please let me know who I can talk to about this. Thank you!
o Rejected: I need to cancel Suzy Walds membership under our family she will not be attending this year due to work schedule. Please mail my refund and to Bill Kaczor 4004 31st street Mount Rainier MD 20712.
o Rejected: I want to buy a smallish collapsible picnic table for my use at PGP. I would like to lock it to a fence in an out of the way locale and give certain friends the combo to the lock (be nice to me and you can also have the combo). I'd much rather do this than cart a small folding table back and forth each time. Let me know.

• Membership Meeting Agenda
o President’s Report
o Treasurer’s Report
o Facility Improvements
o Questions
• Database Upgrades: The board agreed to the first and second category updates to the membership database from Tanya costing $2,500.

Physical Plant

• New concrete pad by the bathhouses: Need to remove sharp edges/expansion joints/cushion around edges.​Done
• Replace roof on wading pool pump house
• Lockers – one incomplete
• Improve screens on kitchen doors/Repair changing area stalls in the ladies bathhouse/Raise outlets in kitchen under phone so that ice cream freezers fit there/expand shelving in that area for cable and phones/replace two old outlets on west wall in kitchen/Install a new outlet near fire pit and wire in disposal units/Repair the shutter in the guardhouse (Brian)
• Paint men’s changing area
• Fence improvements: Need Metropolitan to come back to finish wire around gate, do the southwest corner, and fix the fence/gates around the swim team area. ​CT
• Slide is onsite. DMc to arrange water fix.
Pool Management

• The ladders have been installed.


• Event on Sunday May 26.

Future Meetings

• Meeting Dates: We will meet on every second Thursday during the season: 5/30, 6/ 12 & 26, 7/11 & 25, 8/8 & 22.
• Future Agenda Items:
o We need to develop a procedure for guests staying past toddler swim hours.
o July: Further Loan Repayment
o Snack Bar for 2014
o Children of current members becoming members in their own right
o Some memberships include a parent as a babysitter. We will monitor and reassess this loophole at the end of the season. ​
o The board will discourage payment by check in the future, probably by imposing a surcharge on such payments.
o Ice cream prices in 2014
o Adverse Possession
o Co-op Fee Changes? – Removal of co-op fees for those over 70 and for those who are away for the year (Held over to the end-of-season meeting)