Board Meeting Minutes April 21, 2013

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: April 21, 2013

Present: Mary Melchior, David McCandlish, DJ Nolan, Dave DeRosa, Tanya Renne, Paul Rondelli, Pat Houston, Chuck Thies, Chris Goff, Emily Wurth, Stacy Smith, Andrew Farrington.
Apologies: Don Stewart, Colin Strauss-Riggs.
Absent: Chris Gowen.
Mr. McCandlish and Mr. Rondelli gave their apologies for being tardy.
• Fence improvements: Need Metropolitan to come back to finish wire around gate, do the southwest corner, and fix the fence/gates around the swim team area. AF/CT
• New concrete pad by the bathhouses: Need to remove sharp edges/expansion joints/cushion around edges. CT
• PG County requires permits for ice cream sales, use and occupancy. DJN/DMc
• We will dispose of the ride-on mower. GaryR
• Add passes, swim team memberships/member season hiatus and August memberships to Ops Manual. DJN

• The Board reviewed people who gave excuses for late payments. Those whose excuses were accepted will be hearing from us. TR
• Costs of Swim Team-only Memberships -- $25 administration costs per family plus swim team fees. TR/HelenS/DJN

Capital Improvements
• WiFi – budget of $575 approved for installation of new system. DJN
• Solar City requested to come to Opening Weekend to show and tell. Approved. DJN
• Improve the guttering/install rain barrels. ($5K) Chuck/DavedeR/DJN
• Deck – In process of permitting. DN
• Slide is onsite. DMc to arrange water fix.
• Price a 25’x 50’ pavilion for shade (with fans) (PH)
• Parking Lot –We need to do the absolute minimum at this time. DJN will talk to the contractors and get a bid for draining our lakes, installing a speed bump under the gate and a concrete pad for the dumpsters.

• Tchotchkes – no thanks. DJN


• DdeR submitted his plan for events. Noted. DJN to add to website.

• Credit cards/Cash Register System – DaveMc showed us his new toy. Neat.
• Treasurer’s Report. Noted. We need to get payment for the apartment complex for the parking. MM

• We need a new foosball table. MM/DJN
• Tree Report. We should remove the two trees at either end of the bathhouse at our earliest convenience, though they are not a major issue. Noted
• Landscaping – DJN submitted the proposed $4,000 contract with 15 mowings (plus others on demand @ $100 per time); mulch, 3 fertilizations, 1 aeration, 3 leaf removals, and 3 fence cleanings. Approved. DJN
• Sod: Gary Roush submitted a proposal to spend $3,000 on sod and installation. Approved
• Compost – Jim Groves’ proposal to do a one-month trial. Approved. DJN
• The Levee Work is in the design process, which is 65 percent complete. Noted

• In future, if members are out of town for a year or more, they may rejoin as a single membership for as long as they are away, and the board will waive the co-op fee. DJN
• Review of Rejoining Process
o Paying by Check – We require checks covering the full payment, with 50% paid by the deadline for paying and the full payment by July 15th. OpsManual/DJN
o The board will discourage payment by check in the future, probably by imposing a surcharge on such payments. DJN
o Some memberships include a parent as a babysitter. We will monitor and reassess this loophole at the end of the season. TR/Board
o TR reported on various problems with our system as currently set up. She will provide a proposal to a future board meeting about what upgrades are necessary so that the system works for us and her. TR

Physical Plant
• DonS was nominated to head the PP committee.
• EmilyW will create a Google Doc for future workday leadership.
• Lockers – DJN to purchase unassembled lockers in blue. Budget approved of $5,500.
• Install permanent outdoor shower/drinking fountain/filtered water system/repair loose fixtures in ladies room/waste disposal units in kitchen (JoeK/DJN)
• We will replace all the metal cans with blue and gray plastic ones. Workday/???
• New Speaker System for events and new speakers for PA system (Joe Atkins/ DavedeR)
• Purchase and fit wheels on remaining tables (DJN)
• Repair crack in the back wall of the men's bathroom/Improve screens on kitchen doors/Repair changing area stalls in the ladies bathhouse/Raise outlets in kitchen under phone so that ice cream freezers fit there/expand shelving in that area for cable and phones/replace two old outlets on west wall in kitchen/Install a new outlet near fire pit/Repair the shutter in the guardhouse (Brian)
• Get bunker (?) sand for the sandboxes and place some sand over by the tetherball area
• Replace roof on wading pool pump house?
• Paint men's changing area and the open areas: passage to desk and under overhang; places where lockers were removed
• Replace noticeboards (DMc)

Pool Management
• Swim Lessons – Stacy is working with Bruce on a new system. SS
• ADA Status
o Bruce: “Our membership pools are all stating that they do not have to comply, that they are exempt. Until there is a shift I would go that route. Approved
• Slide Insurance/Pic of Warning Sign/Height. SS
• Camps (Joe’s asked) – Contract to be agreed that includes at minimum NO use of the toddler pool and a required number of chaperones per camper. SS

• EmilyW will lead a welcoming event on June 2.

Future Meetings
• Meeting Dates:
o Sunday May 19 @ 4:00
• Future Agenda Items:
o We need to develop a procedure for guests staying past toddler swim hours.
o May: Further Loan Repayment
o Snack Bar for 2014
o Children of current members becoming members in their own right