Board Meeting Minutes January 13, 2012

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: January 13, 2012

Present: Don Stewart, DJ Nolan, Andrew Farrington, Emily Wurth, David McCandlish, Dave DeRosa, Stacy Smith, Pat Houston, Chris Gowen.
Apologies: Colin Strauss-Riggs, Chris Goff, Lothlorien Redmond, Tanya Renne, Mary Melchior, Chuck Thies.
Absent: Paul Rondelli.

• Tips for guards ($2,500). Done
• PG County requires permits for ice cream sales, use and occupancy. PH
• Ride-on mower repair. CT
• Pay $70K on our loan. Done
• There was a large increase in water costs in 2012. It appears we had been undercharged for a number of years. Noted


• Chris Gowen was voted onto the board. He will be our legal go-to person. Noted
• Lothlorien Redmond resigned from the board. The board expressed their thanks for her work. Noted
• There was a move to make Camps & Pool Rentals a seperate board committee distinct from Events. Stacy Smith said she would work out a contract for pool rentals that would stipulate rates, water safety, grounds use, etc. SS

Capital Improvement
• Widen concrete pad by the bathhouses and improve gutters/downspouts (CT) $20,880. The PaveDrain paver extension to the porch deck is completed. Chuck will authorize final payment when satisfied. CT
• Install new wooden fence along the west side of the pool (DMc) $10,080. A contractor was given a downpayment on the driveway fence replacement project. However, when applying for a building permit, MNCPPC flagged it for an extensive review because of its height, 8’ which will put a 2-3 week delay on permit acquisition.
• Solar Panels will be installed over the next 3 months or so. Helen Searls will film some of the installation for stock footage for her company and will make that footage available for the pool’s use as well.
• Replace lights on bathhouse and install lights over ping pong area and volleyball area. (DJN) $10K. Lights have been chosen and DN will arrange for installation.
• Resurface car lot (MM/CT) or at the very least, repair puddles: The Chesapeake Bay Trust grant application for $50k to help renovate the car park(ing lot) with PaveDrain was briefly discussed. There were doubts that the grant would come through. Even if it did, there were doubts the pool would want to fund the rest of the proposed project. DMc will check on the grant. Mary will get a bid from the apartment complex folks re regular resurfacing to get the puddles fixed stet. DMc/MM
• Extend wading pool deck on west side with more shade (DJN) $25K
• Install a new playground (EW) $10K
• Install a slide (Al)
• Build a 25’x50’ pavilion for shade (with fans) (PH)
• Fence improvements (AF) DONE. $5K
• Improve the guttering/Rain Barrels. Chuck/DaveDeR


• It was pointed out that, in an effort to provide more co-op jobs to more members, some areas could use more members for the job, speciffically the ice cream brigade.


A meeting was held to go over and finalize the operating budget for the 2013 season. The main differences between the 2013 Budget and the operating cash flow for 2012 include:
• More income and larger amount of refunded Co-op Deposits due to the doubling of the co-op Deposit amount
• Fewer professional service expenses as the McFarland affair is suspended.
• Slight increase in license and permitting fees ($600)
• Hefty increase in pool service contract amount ($108K => $150K) due to increased demands on pool service company. Lothlorien and Stacy to meet on Dec 27 to finalize contract.
• Elimination of guard tips.
• Elimination of bottled water costs with the installation of a filter.
• Decreased loan interest payments due to large amounts of loan being paid off

The 2013 Budget was approved.


• The board agreed to open membership for renewals on March 15, closing it on April 14. We will open membership to those at the top of the waiting list on April 20, details to be worked out. There are currently 391 people on the waiting list.
• We will keep 10 places in reserve for those who don’t read email and send a postcard to those aged over 60. DJN will work with Kate Kelly to reach out to those who we know do not have email.
• Database Updates – the photo requirement was added and is functioning as expected. Noted
• Partial Season Memberships. There was a proposal to offer these for one month (from August 3 in 2013), to those on the waiting list, with no rights to renew in the next year. We need to look at August attendance figure in comparison to June and July. Next meeting. TR/Board
• We were not able to assess whether the increase in guest prices at the weekend did reduce visits.

Physical Plant
• Install permanent outdoor shower/drinking fountain/filtered water system/repair loose fixtures in ladies room/waste disposal units in kitchen (JoeK)
• New Speaker System for events and new speakers for PA system (Jim Groves/Joe Atkins/ DavedeR)
• Rain barrels (DdeR)
• Improve WiFi/Website Security Updates (DJN)
• Install new lockers/fixtures in both changing areas (DJN)
• Purchase and fit wheels on remaining tables (DJN/AF)
• Repair crack in the back wall of the men's bathroom (Brian/Andy)
• Improve screens on kitchen doors (Brian)
• Repair changing area stalls in the ladies bathhouse (Brian)
• Move outlet in kitchen under phone/expand shelving in that area (Brian)
• Install a new outlet near fire pit (Brian)
• Repair the shutter in the guardhouse (Brian)
• Paint the party tables a different color (Workday)
• Replace (5) broken picnic tables (Workday)
• Get bunker (?) sand for the sandboxes and place some sand over by the tetherball area (AF)
• Replace roof on wading pool pump house (AF)
• Paint men's changing area and the open areas: passage to desk and under overhang (AF)
• Replace noticeboards (DMc)
• Design office space for more efficient use and install better shelving
• Lighthouse submitted a proposal to replace the ladders. $15,500. Approved.
• Repair chairs (Bruce)

Pool Management
• A draft contract was drawn up by Stacy Smith and Lothlorien Redmond. It was discussed at length. It is based on one we had in previous years. We are ramping up staffing and paying the guards more with the expectation that they do more. The requirement for biweekly labor reports is included in the contract. We need to develop a procedure for guests staying past toddler swim hours. Some appendices need to be finalized. The request to extend opening hours into September will be judged on a year-by-year basis. [How much would the chemicals cost to keep the pool open per week in September?] Stacy will take comments and questions for the next week and then we will finalize it with Lighthouse. Chris will send boilerplate legal language to Stacy for inclusion. All


Future Meetings
• Meeting Dates for 2013:
o Sunday February 17 @ 4:00pm
o Sunday March 24 @ 10:30am
o Sunday April 21 @ 4:00pm
o Sunday May 19 @ 10:30am
• Future Agenda Items:
o February: Landscaping/Grounds in 2013 (Invite Gary?)
o February: PG Pool Bucks PH
o February: Events DdeR
o Partial Season Memberships
o May: Further Loan Repayment?
o March: Swim Lessons SS
o March: Camps SS
o February: Committee Personnel MM
o Snack Bar for 2014?