Board Meeting Minutes November 18, 2012

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: November 18, 2012

Present: Mary Melchior, DJ Nolan, Chuck Thies, Colin Strauss-Riggs, Paul Rondelli, Andrew Farrington, Emily Wurth, David McCandlish.
Apologies: Chris Goff, Dave DeRosa, Don Stewart, Lothlorien Redmond, Stacy Smith.
Absent: Pat Houston, Tanya Renne.

• Budgeting for 2013: Andrew, DMc, DJN, SS. DMc to arrange meeting
• Tips for guards. DMc needs info from Malka and Tunde (and a new system for 2013). SS/DMc
• PG County requires permits for ice cream sales, use and occupancy. PH
• Tree Planting – Completed.
• Parking Contract – Approved.
• Ride-on mower repair. CT/PR.


• We need a new rep for our insurance company and other contracts. DJN to ask the membership re a lawyer. DJN
• Rules Changes – Approved as amended.

Capital Improvements
• Widen concrete pad by the bathhouses and improve gutters/downspouts (CT) $20,880.
• Install new wooden fence along the west side of the pool (DMc) $10,080.
• Fence improvements (Andy) $5K
• Install solar panels on bathhouse roof (DJN).
• Replace lights on bathhouse and install lights over ping pong area and volleyball area. Purchase portable lights for fire pit during bonfires (done) and install a new outlet as near as possible (DJN) $10K
• Extend wading pool deck on west side with more shade (DJN) $25K
• Install a new playground (EW) $10K
• Install a slide (Al)
• Resurface car lot (MM/CT)
• Build a 25’x50’ pavilion for shade (with fans) (PH to price)
• Family Changing Room – no, too costly.

• Financial update. A couple large bills outstanding – insurance, final Lighthouse payment/$70K for our loan repayment. For next season we will have a new cash register/iPad/receipt machine and will use our credit card merchant Square to integrate this system.
• There was a large increase in water costs in 2012. Check the rain sensor on the sprinkler system.

Physical Plant
• Install workable outdoor shower/drinking fountain/filtered water system/repair loose fixtures in ladies room/waste disposal units in kitchen (JoeK)
• Lighthouse submitted a proposal to replace the ladders. $15,500. Approved.
• Repair chairs (Bruce)
• New Speaker System for events and new speakers for PA system (Jim Groves/Joe Atkins/ DavedeR)
• Rain barrels (DdeR)
• Improve WiFi/Website Security Updates (DJN)
• Install new lockers/fixtures in both changing areas (DJN)
• Purchase and fit wheels on remaining tables (DJN/AF)
• Repair crack in the back wall of the men's bathroom (Brian/Andy)
• Improve screens on kitchen doors (Brian)
• Replace changing area stalls in the ladies bathhouse? (Brian)
• Paint the party tables a different color (Workday)
• Replace (5) broken picnic tables (Workday)
• Get bunker (?) sand for the sandboxes and place some sand over by the tetherball area (AF)
• Replace roof on wading pool pump house (AF)
• Paint men's changing area and the open areas: passage to desk and under overhang (AF)
• Replace noticeboards (DMc)
• Design office space for more efficient use and install better shelving

Pool Management

Future Meetings
• Meeting Dates for the rest of 2012: December 16.
• Future Agenda Items:
o Swim Lessons SS
o Committee Personnel MM
o December: Contract Needs (Gate Guards – suggestion that we have a gate guard at all times/ Investigate better pay for the guards next season.) Jackie Young: Keep pool open in Sept. for morning swim with no extra cost to members/ Labor reports. SS/LR to provide draft.
o January: Camps SS
o January: Partial Season Memberships All
o January: Assess whether guest visit price rise at the weekend did reduce visits; impose adult guest limit for Mon-Thurs of 30 times per season? TR
o January: Snack Bar for 2014? All
o January: Landscaping/Grounds in 2013 (Invite Gary?)
o February: PG Pool Bucks PH
o May: Further Loan Repayment?