Board Meeting Minutes September 30, 2012

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: September 30, 2012

Present: Mary Melchior, Andrew Farrington, DJ Nolan, Stacy Smith, Pat Houston, Tanya Renne, Emily Wurth, Dave DeRosa, Chuck Thies, Lothlorien Redmond, Colin Strauss-Riggs (arriving late), David McCandlish (arriving 6:00pm).
Apologies: Don Stewart, Paul Rondelli. [Stefano Delens and Tiffani Bois – former board members.]

• Post-season event. There was no further contact. Dropped.
• We will repair the existing ride-on mower. Hold pending landscaping discussions.
• Trees w/David McKindley-Ward. Awaiting Proposal. As there has been no contact, dropped.
• DMc to find out about Mt. Rainier’s plans for the road resurfacing.
• Tips for guards. DMc needs info from Malka and Tunde (and a new system for 2013). SS/DMc
• PG County requires permits for ice cream sales, use and occupancy. PH

• LR reported on the status of the lawsuit with McFarland. We should monitor the case to see if we can get on the list of debtors, but unless that happens for free, we have dropped our interest in it.
• Meeting Dates for the rest of 2012: October 21, November 18, December 16. All at 4pm. DJN is happy to host.
• Future Agenda Items:
Proposed Agenda Items – October to February:
o October: Reviewing the Rules – water guns etc DN
o November: Contract Needs (Gate Guards – suggestion that we have a gate guard at all times/ Investigate better pay for the guards next season.) Jackie Young: Keep pool open in Sept. for morning swim with no extra cost to members/ Labor reports. SS/LR to provide draft.
o November: Swim Lessons SS
o November: Financial update. Still working on perfecting our systems and we will pursue an integrated system for next season. DMc
o January: Camps SS
o January: Partial Season Memberships All
o January: Assess whether guest visit price rise at the weekend did reduce visits; impose adult guest limit for Mon-Thurs of 30 times per season? TR
o January: Snack Bar for 2014? All
o January: Landscaping/Grounds in 2013 (Invite Gary?) DJN
o February: PG Pool Bucks PH

Capital Improvement
• Replace lights on bathhouse and install lights over ping pong area and volleyball area. Purchase lights for fire pit during bonfires (DJN)
• Widen concrete pad by the bathhouses and improve gutters/downspouts (CT)
• Extend wading pool deck on west side with more shade (DJN)
• Install a new playground (EW) or water park
• Install new wooden fence along the west side of the pool (DMc)
• Fence improvements (Andy) – Hold until new fence is in place
• Install a slide (Al)
• Resurface car lot (MM/CT)
• Build 1-2 pavilions for shade (with fans in them)
• Install/purchase a new storage shed
• Family Changing Room? Price pending

• Tree Proposal – Approved up to $3K. DJN to take lead. Preference is for trees that do not shed in-season, a willow oak or two and crepe myrtles (3).

Physical Plant
• Improve screens on kitchen doors (Brian)
• Install workable outdoor shower/drinking fountain/filtered (and refrigerated?) faucet/repair loose fixtures in ladies room (JoeK)
• Replace roof on wading pool pump house (Andy)
• Replace changing area stalls in the ladies bathhouse? (Brian)
• New Speaker System (Jim/DavedeR)
• Improve WiFi/Website Security Updates (DJN)
• Install new lockers/fixtures in both changing areas/replace noticeboards (DJN)
• Paint men's changing area and the open areas: passage to desk and under overhang (Andy)
• Design office space for more efficient use and install good shelving
• Replace tool-room/office doors? (Brian)
• Repair crack in the back wall of the men's bathroom (Brian/Andy)
• Wood mulch piles need to be contained, in bins or with low fencing (Andy)
• Replace water heater? (JoeK?)
• Rain barrels (DdeR)
• Repair chairs (Bruce)
• Paint the party tables a different color
• Replace (5) broken picnic tables (AF)
• Purchase and fit wheels on remaining tables (DN/AF)
• Broken ladders. Ladder step still missing. Ladders need overhaul. (Bruce)
• Get better sand for the sandboxes (Andy)

Special Events
Pool Management
• 2012 Season Review, incl. Lighthouse Report. SS/LR reported. Proposal to pay guards more and expect more from them. Gate guard situation was problematic as there were extremely long shifts with no breaks and some refused to work weekends. Manager situation also needs to be addressed. SS and LR are reworking the contract. November 18. SS/LR
• From MMA: Stacy reported on Bruce meetings. We are currently 278 hours over our contract. Expect it to end at c250 over. We need a tabulation of that before we pay the bill. DMc/SS

• Financial Report/Proposal for disbursal of funds. DMc reported. We made c$100,000 in 2012.
o Budgeting for 2013: Andrew, DMc, DJN, SS. DMc to arrange meeting
o Pay off $70K of our loan now; set aside $100K for cap improvement; revisit loan repayment in May. DMc/DN


Future Meetings
• Meeting Dates for the rest of 2012: October 21, November 18, December 16.