PG Pool Newsletter -- August 29th 2012

Until 2013 (AKA the Department for Better Excellence Takes a Bow)
End-of-Season Activities
The (Expletive-Deleted) Listserv Lives up to its Name
Post-Season Fun/Workdays/Co-op Refunds
Members’ Meeting Minutes

Until 2013
In our annual attempt to remind you what a great place PG Pool is, we have
a reasonably full slate of activities this weekend. However, in true PG
Pool fashion, some are last minute, game-time decisions and we expect you
to work for your supper. This is all of course a ruse to entice you all to
join next season, so we don’t have to pretend to get to know a whole
bunch of new people, train them in the vagaries of pool membership and
school them in the arbitrary and draconian rules that we make up to suit
whatever mood we are in.

That being said, I’m of the school that this was a fine year at PG Pool.
Those of us fool enough to serve on the board are more than appreciative of
the support and help we have had from members this year. We have some great
plans for improvements in place before next season, and do sincerely hope
that you decide to rejoin and once again avail of the great institution
that the pool is.

End-of-Season Activities (thanks to Dave deRosa for the deets here)
Ping-Pong: The 11th annual PG Pool Pro-Am Invitational Table Tennis
Tournament (PGPP-AITTT) will be held on Saturday and Sunday (9/1 and 9/2)
for kids and adults. Saturday will be the junior tournament, with play
beginning at 3:30 for kids younger than 12, followed by older kids at 5:30.
Sunday will be the adults’ tournament starting with ladies at 5:00
followed by the men at 6:30. Fabulous prizes will be given to the winners
(note others, please) of the U-12 and 12-18 divisions.

[Apropos Nothing: The kids’ triathlon did take place last week. Well, a
biathlon at any rate as it rained too hard for the swimming portion. Thanks
again to the organizers.]

Food: there may be food on Saturday. At the very least we will cook down
the burgers and dogs we have in the freezer, try to get potato salad made,
maybe some watermelons. Or maybe call a food truck. [Glad that’s clear

Volleyball: On Sunday we will have the 2nd(?) PG Pool Volleyball
Elimination Tournament Smackdown (PGPVETS). It starts at 3:00 pm, teams of
four (but we may allow one alternate per team, in case anyone’s in the
PGPP-AITTT.) Games to 15, all hits over the net count (unless foul called
by the crowd), rally scoring. Probably best of three sets, if we think we
have time and the older players’ joints hold up. [No, not those kind of
joints.] Still some space for new teams available.

The Men’s 47th(ish) Semi-Invitational Belly Flop Competition (S-IBFC),
hosted by Chris “Stop Calling Me Red” Brophy (C"SCMR"B). We hear rumors
of a trophy, especially likely if somebody who is not called Chris brings
one. Beer may well be involved. During adult swim, but no time given beyond
“late afternoon.”

"Women of a Certain Age" Labor Day Jump into the Well (WoaCALDJitW).
“It’s that sad time of year when the pool season is almost over. Please
join us for the annual Women of a Certain Age Labor Day Jump into the Well!
Monday, 4 PM. Don't be late or you'll miss it! This is self-selecting, but
if you have to ask, you probably aren't “of a certain age” ;-)

Food: The Fojol Bros threatened to come sell food Monday afternoon, no word
from them, so a game-time announcement is pending.

And then we get to put everything away: Please bring your tables, chairs
and umbrellas to the bathhouse, where they can be stored for the winter.

The (Expletive-Deleted) Listserv Lives up to its Name
There follows an expurgated version of a discussion that occurred on said
listserv. The vast majority of you seem to have the good sense to stay off
it, so….

“Laurel spent a lot of time and effort organizing and cleaning up the
lost and found area. Only days later, the area is in total disarray again!
All of the towels that had been nicely dried and folded are now in a wet
heap on the lost and found table. Apparently, the towels were taken in
order to construct a fort in plastic land. If you or your child made a fort
and either left the towels in the sand or in a wet and dirty pile on the
lost and found table, perhaps you could contribute to the re-arrayment of
that area.”

“Wow, it's a good thing you wrote this. If I had, it might have come out
REEDUCATION SEE TO IT IMMEDIATELY, and nobody wants that.”

“Two days ago I found all of the folded towels, as mentioned. It did look
lovely. But the problem was that most of the towels in the bins were wet
and molding [so clearly not dried, tho’ they look dry to me when I saw
them]. So honestly it is a very good thing that they made it out of the
bins. Today my kids and some others were helping to lay out the wet towels
so they could dry. ps- Slightly along the same topic: why have there been
towels hanging on the fence for days like a hippie commune? They've dried,
been through a couple of storms and dried again. Do they belong to anyone?
Is this a natural outpouring of our bountiful lost and found?”

[This was interspersed with some comments/announcements about a CSA and
further discussion of hippie communes that I won’t bore you with. Anyway,
onto real business…]

Post-Season Fun/Workdays/Co-op Refunds
Oktoberfest is on October 6, with music from Smokin Previti and the
Marianna Polecats (or something like that). Tis always a riot with men in
lederhosen shouting “Prost” to each other, women in dirndls shouting
other stuff and children just generally running wild.

We will have some post-season workdays, so watch this space.

Co-op Refunds:
It is all there, but just in case clicking on a link is too much work, the
basics are as follows, with bolding.

In order to receive a refund of your co-op deposit, please:
1) Complete and document your membership's co-op service by 10/31. No
partial refunds will be given so the entire membership must complete the
co-op requirement in order to receive the refund.
2) Submit a request by logging in to our membership website, clicking on
the co-op tab and requesting your refund by 11/15. Deposits cannot be
refunded if the request is received after 11/15 or the membership's entire
requirement is not completed.

We are, of course, completely open to people completing more than the co-op
requirement, and/or donating the co-op deposit to the pool. If you do the
latter, please let us know so that we can acknowledge this in writing.

Members’ Meeting Minutes
There was a meeting and we decided stuff. A summary follows. I am as
always, your source for clarification and comment, and perhaps some color

The second 2012 Members’ Meeting took place on Saturday August 25, 2012,
at 4:00 p.m. The Minutes are as follows.

A quorum was counted and the meeting declared open.

The Board members present introduced themselves.

Financial Update
The Treasurer introduced the financial update. The pool has ~$250,000 in
the bank. The board will make decisions as to how best to use these funds
in the post-season. Most likely they will be split between paying off our
outstanding loan of c$150,000 and improvements to the grounds.

There was a series of questions, most notably about how the value of the
pool property was ascertained. After the meeting, the Treasurer
investigated and asked that the following be entered into the minutes:
“The latest real property value as assessed by PG County for the period
Jul 2012 - Jun 2012 was $666,900. I believe that figure relates to the sum
of accounts 1500-Land(376.061), 1510-Buildings(112.195),
1520-Improvements(584213.05), and 1521-Acc. Depreciation of Bldg. &
Improv.(-305123.88) Which comes to around $767,346.”

Proposal for Increased Co-op Deposit in 2013
Mary introduced the reasons why this was necessary, most important of which
was a reduction in the number of folks doing co-op hours and the resultant
need to pay others to do it. The reason for the increase is to encourage
more people to work at the pool. Weekly opportunities for doing co-op hours
will be added to the newsletter. Unanimously approved.

Proposed Improvements for 2013
The secretary outlined the plans for improving the pool grounds in 2013.
New guard chairs, new regular chairs and sundry other issues were raised.
All were noted and will be considered in board discussions post-season.

Priority 1 (2012-2014)
• Install a new storage shed
• Build 1-2 pavilions for shade
• Improve lighting
• Extend wading pool deck on west side/install more shade
• Resurface car lot
• Extend concrete behind guard desk
• Install a new playground built to code
• Install a slide
• Improve fence in vulnerable locations
• Investigate switching the grass to a more durable variety
• Install a splash park

The most contentious issue was the siting of the proposed toddler splash
park, which is expected to be placed in the “teen area” by the smoker.
A number of teens requested that this be reconsidered. The board agreed to
do so, but pointed out that there were other under-utilized areas of the
grounds that the teens could bugger off to.

Membership Update (Photos Required for 2013)
Tanya outlined the changes to the membership requirements for next year.
Members must upload photos before the season starts to alleviate the
problem we had this year with members giving their number to their friends,
thus allowing them to enter for free. There were questions about the camps
that come onto the grounds. This will be reassessed in the offseason.

We have some 340 families on the waiting list (just in case any of you
wanted to cause us any problems or anything).

Board Elections
Stepping Down: Stefano Delens and Tiffani Bois – the meeting expressed
its thanks to these people.
New Board Members: Chris Goff, Patrick Houston, Chuck Thies, Emily Wurth
– approved unanimously.
Up for Re-election: Don Stewart (Vice-President), David J. Nolan
(Secretary), Dave deRosa (At-Large Exec. Committee Member), Tanya Renne,
Paul Rondelli and Colin Straus Riggs – approved unanimously.
Not up for Re-election: Mary Melchior (President), David McCandlish
(Treasurer), Lothlorien Redmond, Andrew Farrington, Stacy Smith – these
people are up for re-election in 2013.

Any Other Business/Questions & Comments from Members
Tiffani Bois raised the possibility of creating a PG Pool Bucks system so
that people could pre-purchase amenities. To be considered post-season.

The perennial question about purchasing back the land we sold to the parks
and planning department was raised and answered (again). The board has no
plans to do so. It is not a good use of our funds and the land has been
allocated as green space, meaning that it is unlikely that such a request
would be met sympathetically.

The beer having been finished, the meeting was adjourned so that those
present could perform a similar task on the remaining wine.

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