Board Meeting Minutes August 13 & 27, 2012

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: August 13 & 27, 2012

Present 8/13: Mary Melchior, Andrew Farrington, Stefano Delens, Dave DeRosa, Don Stewart, Lothlorien Redmond, Paul Rondelli, David McCandlish, Tanya Renne.
Apologies: DJ Nolan, Tiffani Bois, Stacy Smith.
Absent: Colin Strauss-Riggs, Pat Houston.
Also Present: Emily Wurth (prospective board member)

Present 8/27: Mary Melchior, Andrew Farrington, Stefano Delens, DJ Nolan, Dave DeRosa, Stacy Smith, Pat Houston, Colin Strauss-Riggs, Don Stewart, David McCandlish, Tanya Renne, Chuck Thies, Emily Wurth.
Apologies: Lothlorien Redmond, Paul Rondelli,

• Post-season event – TR??
• Raye Williams wanted to join August 15. Consider partial-season memberships next season. Board
• We will repair the existing ride-on mower. Hold
• Next steps for business license application: Mary met with them. We have some work to do re weed clearing and loose fixtures. MM
• Rain barrels. DdeR
• DMc to find out about Mt. Rainier’s plans for the road resurfacing.
• Permeable parking lot. More research needed. DdeR
• Replacement trees. DJN
• Need a new mic for the front desk. Done.
• Tips for guards. DMc needs info from Malka and Tunde.
• Fence – AF made a proposal. $4K+ for replacing the barbed wire on three sides of the grounds, plus another $1K for razor wire in certain vulnerable areas. Agreed as proposed. AF

• Post-season get-together: Chez Houston on 9/30 @ 4.00pm.


Capital Improvement
• Lighting needs at the pool. Replace the ones over the bathhouse, install over ping pong table and volleyball court, as well as one near the fire pit and replace the light in the alley between the bathhouses.
• Car park resurfacing – Chuck and Mary to resolve.
• Chuck to make a proposal re the new concrete and getting rid of the water from the downspouts.

• Landscapers – Don and DJ to contact for quotes. I, DJ, met with two on Saturday (Nolasco and R&M Landscaping, who coincidentally also does the apartment complex.) The latter’s quote is attached. When he clears the alley, he will then get us a quote for leveling that with a bobcat. He also does concrete and I need to arrange daytime access to the grounds for him to measure and price.
• DJ and Don reported on their meeting with David McKindley-Ward. Awaiting Proposal.

• Member Meeting Agenda
o Double the co-op fee? Yes.
o Board Elections/Financial Updates/Possible Co-op Fee Increase/PG Pool Bucks/Member photos required in 2013.
o Agenda to be posted/announced by 8/20 – Done.
• Amendment to the Members’ Meeting Minutes: An “I fought the LAWN and the lawn won” T-shirt was awarded to Gary Roush for his work on the Pool's grass this season.
Physical Plant
• Workdays: September 8 (AF) and 15 (DJN)
• In future, please paint the holes in the tables when we drill them for umbrellas as the wood rots from there.
• One grill needs repair. AndrewF

Special Events

Pool Management
• Management: Stacy reported on Bruce meetings. We are currently 278 hours over our contract. Expect it to end at c250 over. We need a tabulation of that before we pay the bill.
• Mary to talk to Lighthouse re what chairs they suggest we buy. Bruce and I (DJ) emailed. He did not have anything to say re purchasing chairs. I looked into them. The ones we have are c$75 each. I will cost Bruce’s repair shop and report back.



Future Meetings
• September 30.