PG Pool Newsletter -- July 31

Your Own Piece of PG Pool: For Sale
Toddler Pool Troubles
Member Meeting: 8/25 @ 4:00p.m.
Workdays: August 4 & 11, 9:00-12:00
Forthcoming Events: Movie Night Friday; Food Truck Saturday (?); Music
August 11, 25 and Labor Day; Tent Night August 18 (pending interest and
weather compliance); Chili Cook-off/Dessert Derby (?); Kids Triathlon
August 26
Getting out of Dodge for a Bit: See you in a couple of weeks

Your own piece of PG Pool: For Sale – We are sadly forced to sell off
something you probably have no need of. You may have noticed a mutilated
handful of new grills this past week, and we are offering the two working
replacees to our members for a song. You want them? They are by the office.
Drop $10 in the gate guards’ hand and you can clean them up and have your
very own piece of PG Pool in your yard in perpetuity (or at least until it
completely falls apart).

Toddler Pool Troubles:  The rules of our toddler pool are that you don’t
talk about toddler pool. Oh, sorry, wrong intro. … We do have some rules,
and they currently restrict access to the pool to those aged six and under
while they are under the supervision of a guardian aged 15 or over. We have
noticed that when the main pool is closed to youngsters that the toddler
pool has become excessively crowded. We are going to have guards monitor
the area in that period, but we would appreciate it if the adults among you
ensured that the rules are followed. I have noticed that some other pools
restrict access to their toddler pools to those who do not normally swim in
the main pool. We may go that way if the situation does not improve. It’s
for the children, you know.  

Member Meeting: 8/25 @ 4:00p.m. Board Elections, Financial Update and
probably a few other things as well (maybe an increase in the co-op fee?).
An agenda will be posted in good time. Your chance to put us on the spot
about everything you think is wrong with the pool, and see exactly how
little impact that has on us. You also get to ascertain what kind of person
chooses to do what we do and volunteer to become one of us. But seriously,
we are looking for new board members, so let us know if you are interested.

Workdays: August 4 & 11, 9:00-12:00. Your chance to do good works, improve
our facility and meet new people. Other dates to be placed on the
intertubes at a later time.

Forthcoming Events: Movie Night: Friday; Food Truck: Saturday (maybe);
Music: August 11, 25 and Labor Day; Tent Night: August 18 (pending interest
and weather compliance); Chili Cook-off/Dessert Derby (maybe on the 18th or
the 25th?); Kids Triathlon: August 26 (maybe they can run off the chili and
the desserts?). Mr. DeRosa, who is the events tsar, may not be around for
some of these, so if you want them to happen, he would dearly appreciate
your help, provided it is timely, effective, good natured and free. He can
be reached at one of those olden-style email addresses: davederosayahoocom.
He also welcomes ideas for the Movie Night on Friday.

Getting out of Dodge for a Bit: See you in a couple of weeks. In my
absence, you may or may not receive any notices from the board. Most
likely, you will receive timely emails about work days and special events.
In their absence, wing it.

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