Board Meeting Minutes July 30, 2012

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: July 30, 2012

Present: Mary Melchior, Andrew Farrington, Stefano Delens, DJ Nolan, Dave DeRosa, Tiffani Bois, Stacy Smith.
Apologies: Don Stewart, Lothlorien Redmond, Paul Rondelli, David McCandlish, Tanya Renne.
Absent: Pat Houston, Colin Strauss-Riggs.

• Grill placement & new umbrellas. Done
• We will repair the existing ride-on mower. Paul
• Business license: Alley – Workday; Wood – cinder blocks with 2”x8s” AF; Waste Contract: Next steps for business license application? MM
• Need to put a filter on one of the faucets in the kitchen. Post-season. DJN
• Broken ladder. Ladder step still missing. Ladders need overhaul. Post-season. Mgmt
• Grounds survey. Done
• Rain barrels. DdeR
• DMc to find out about Mt. Rainier’s plans for the road resurfacing.
• Permeable parking lot. More research needed. DdeR
• Replacement trees. DJN
• Tips for guards. DMc needs info from Malka and Tunde.
• Fence – AF made a proposal. $4K+ for replacing the barbed wire on three sides of the grounds, plus another $1K for razor wire in certain vulnerable areas. Agreed as proposed. AF
• Ice cream freezer – need a replacement/repair. Done
• PG Pool Bucks – Proposal needed. TB
• New Ping-Pong Table. DJN/Purchased
• New signs on alley (no parking) and on grassy side (keep away from the fence). DJN/Purchased
• Toddler Swim Fees – Stacy will speak to the guards to ensure they are consistent in charging the correct fees. Done

• I am away for the next two weeks. Apologies for the next meeting.
• Member Meeting: 8/25.
o Need to post notice and announce meeting by 8/15.
o Agenda to be posted/announced by 8/20.
o Agenda: Board Elections/Financial Updates/Possible Co-op Fee Increase/ PG Pool Bucks

Capital Improvement
• Lighting needs at the pool. Replace the ones over the bathhouse.

Physical Plant
• New umbrellas arrived last week; were placed at the weekend. New grills ditto. One table needs to be removed. AF
• Workdays – August 4 (MM/SS); August 11 (AF); other dates to be placed on the intertubes. Do over the sand in the new sandbox.
• Workdays: Alley, Grills, Table Wheels, Wood, Ground repairs around sprinkler system and other places as needed. AF/TB/DS

Pool Management
• SS to get onto Bruce re mats for the chairs.
• Need a new mic for the front desk. AF
• Need a replacement for Tunde. No we don’t. Lighthouse has three other licensed guards. Noted
• Swim Lessons – Stacy provided an overview of what changes she would like to make to our program. She will write it up for an off-season discussion. Board
• There have been some major discrepancies in the last couple of weeks between the amounts entered and the cash present. Most have been explained somewhat, but the board needs to be aware and ensure they have good reasons for them. Board
• Toddler pool is a mess for the 15 minutes that the main pool is closed for children. And is very dirty. Mgmt re the latter. Newsletter re the former. SS will talk to Bruce.

• Newsletter on hiatus for two weeks. Please check with other board members before sending out missives so we can i) put multiple items in one email and ii) avoid repetition. Board

• Chili cook-off on the 25th? DdeR
Future Meetings
• August 13 & 27.