Board Meeting Minutes July 16, 2012

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: July 16, 2012

Present: Mary Melchior, Don Stewart, David McCandlish, Andrew Farrington, Colin Strauss-Riggs, Stefano Delens, DJ Nolan, Dave DeRosa, Tanya Renne, Lothlorien Redmond, Paul Rondelli, Pat Houston, Tiffani Bois, Stacy Smith.

• Mirrors / Grills (3) / Umbrellas ordered June 30 / swing doors (10) Don/Stacy/AF/Brian
• Lighting needs at the pool. Replace the ones over the bathhouse. CapImpCttee
• We will repair the existing ride-on mower. Paul
• Business license: Alley – Workday; Wood – cinder blocks with 2”x8s” AF; Waste Contract: Next steps for business license application? MM to deal with.
• Need to put a filter on one of the faucets in the kitchen. DJN
• Broken ladder. Ladder step still missing. Mgmt
• Grounds survey DS
• Rain barrels DdeR
• DMc to find out about Mt. Rainier’s plans for the road resurfacing.
• Permeable parking lot – need to wait on survey. More research needed. DdeR
• Replacement trees. DJN


• New Committee: Capital Improvements involving outside contractors. Teams will be assigned to specific projects.
• Major Improvements/Plans – Our existing plans are pasted below. CapImprCtee to meet and make a proposal for next meeting.
• Fence – AF made a proposal. $4K+ for replacing the barbed wire on three sides of the grounds, plus another $1K for razor wire in certain vulnerable areas. Agreed as proposed.
• Water – finish the bottled water contract after we have a filter.

• Better Ice Cream – no real demand ascertained.
• Ice cream freezer – need a replacement. Colin to talk to Jessica Hanff.
• PG Bucks – Proposal needed. Tiffani

Physical Plant
• Workdays: Alley, Grills, Table Wheels, Wood, Ground repairs around sprinkler system and other places as needed. AF/TB/DS

Special Events
• New Ping-Pong Table. DJN

Pool Management
• Toddler Swim Fees – Stacy will speak to the guards to ensure they are consistent in charging the correct fees. SS

• Newsletter – No parking in the alley; members don’t be rude, please, to our staff. Grills Sheds for the workday

Future Meetings
• July 30; August 13 & 27.

PG Pool Proposed Capital Improvements

Priority 1 (2011-2013)
• Install a new storage shed – Work Day.
• Build 1-2 pavilions for shade
• Install lights: on trees; on the fences surrounding main pool; along the two paths to the pool; in the ping pong area; in back corner near fire pit; for volleyball area etc. as necessary.
• Extend wading pool deck on west side/install more shade
• Design office space for more efficient use and install good shelving/Tidy out tool room
• Replace roof on wading pool pump house
• Resurface car lot
• Family room and a “toddler height” urinal
• Repair volleyball area

Priority2 (2012-2014)
• Install a new playground built to code
• Install a slide
• Raise fence in vulnerable locations/install motion sensors
• Investigate switching the grass to a more durable variety

Priority 3 (2013-2015)
• Extend overhang so the porch area is much larger/widen concrete pathway
• Design use of kitchen space for more efficient use, with the potential for easy conversion to a commercial kitchen
• Build 1-2 more pavilions for shade
• Extend wading pool with a “fun” area
• Install accessible access to wading pool
• Rebuild pump house/guard shack to include existing facilities and large, lockable storage area
• Install new lockers/fixtures in both changing areas

Priority 5 (When Necessary)
• Replace liner in main pool