Board Meeting Minutes July 2, 2012

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: July 2, 2012

Present: Mary Melchior, Don Stewart, David McCandlish, Andrew Farrington, Colin Strauss-Riggs, Stefano Delens, DJ Nolan, Dave DeRosa, Tanya Renne, Lothlorien Redmond.
Apologies: Paul Rondelli.
Absent: Pat Houston, Tiffani Bois, Stacy Smith.

• Mirrors /Grills (3)/Umbrellas ordered June 30 (10) Don/Stacy/AF/Brian
• Lighting needs at the pool. Replace the ones over the bathhouse. Don
• We will repair the existing ride-on mower. Paul
• Sprinkler system repair status – awaiting visit from the manufacturers. DMc/TR
• Drooping barbed wire – we should repair the barbed wire. Andy/Don to come up with a proposal. (Metropolitan Fence)
• Need to replace the kitchen faucets—one with a filter; fix the men’s urinal. Also, please price plumbing for a family room and a “toddler height” urinal. DJN
• Broken ladder. Ladder step still missing. DJN
• Grounds survey. DS This week.
• Rain barrels. DdeR
• DMc to find out about Mt. Rainier’s plans for the road resurfacing.
• Permeable parking lot – need to wait on survey. More research needed. DdeR
• Replacement trees. DJN
• Tips for guards. DMc


• Business license: Alley – Workday; Wood – cinder blocks with 2”x8s” AF; Waste Contract: Next steps for business license application? MM to deal with.
• Malka’s request re a camp coming to the pool – Permitted. DJN
• McFarland – August trial date 16-17. Noted
• Office/Mailbox Storage Unit. DMc purchased. Can we get another one for the menus?
• Guards’ Laptop. Busted. Stefano will try to repair it. If not we will buy a basic iPad. SD/Fixed

• Propane tank seasonal co-op job – CSR – Done.

• Please note that late nights are dependent on board availability and weather conditions. DJN/Newsletter
• Checking IDs at the gate to avoid pool crashers. The board is considering a two-week immediate suspension for members found giving their numbers out. This is your responsibility. Pictures? Next year. DJN/Newsletter
• Swim Team: Sign-ups for nonmembers – OK. We will allow case by case. No problem at this time. DJN

Physical Plant

Special Events
• SQWPOFF at the pool? 7/16 Rehearsal. Sure. DdeR
• Moon bounces are not allowed at the pool. Noted

Pool Management
• The gate guards need to improve on recording charges especially. LL/SS

• DaveMc submitted an update. Noted. Still working on perfecting our systems.
• Finances: Uncashed checks from last year $259. Board members are reminded to get cash envelopes to Mr. Pat soonest. Board
• DMc will pursue an integrated check-out system for next season.

• Twitter credentials to AF – done. DJN/AF
• WiFi. Lee/DJN


Future Meetings
• July 16 & 30; August 13 & 27.