Board Meeting Minutes June 18, 2012

Prince George’s Swimming Pool Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: June 18, 2012

Present: Mary Melchior, Don Stewart, David McCandlish, Andrew Farrington, Colin Strauss-Riggs, Stefano Delens, Tiffani Bois, Stacy Smith, Pat Houston, DJ Nolan.
Apologies: Dave DeRosa, Tanya Renne, Paul Rondelli, Lothlorien Redmond.


Lighthouse will repair the chairs that require a few new straps (1-5) and toss the remainder. Timing? Stacy/LR
Guard tips outstanding. Tunde to email DaveMc.
Horseshoes – DN [Done]
Need to fix the outdoor shower – need a better solution spring switch. Joe + kitchen faucet/urinal. Joe, please price plumbing for a family room. We will replace the kitchen faucets—one with a filter. DJN
Broken Table – Andy [Done]
Wobbly Lifeguard Chairs/Broken ladder – Lighthouse fix them. Chairs are OK for the moment. Ladder step still missing. DJN
Survey – Please do it. DS
Rainbarrels. Dave deRosa


Update on McFarland – LL absent. Trial still postponed.
Business License – We are apparently eligible to pay this tax. Thanks, Mt. Rainier. $400 likely charge. Need to clear the alley of weeds. Workday Need to raise the wood pile off the grounds. AndyF. Need to show a contract with our waste removal company (CWI) along with our application. Mary/Don
Repairing the giant sink hole at the far entrance to the parking lot. DaveMc to find out about Mt. Rainier’s plans.
Trees – Trees taken down and we will plant four/five more trees after the season. DJN to ask WW re replacement company
Lane Line – due 21 June. DMc
Assessment of the critter abatement project – seems to working.
Revisit increased guest fees – the plan to encourage people to bring guests midweek is working. Approved to continue. DN
Work Day planting – $100. Approved. DN
Guards’ Laptop. Busted. Stefano will try to repair it. If not we will buy a basic iPad. SD
Flyers on the desk – board members to remove them stet.

Grill cleaning – seems to be working.
Propane tank seasonal co-op job – Colin

Kate Killberg: Any chance the pool would consider opening the main pool one hour earlier on weekends? I know those of us with kids that take afternoon naps sure would appreciate it. Nope, sorry. DN
Physical Plant

Permeable parking lot – need to wait on survey. More research needed re permeable surface. DavedeR
Mirrors in the ladies. Don/Stacy
Lighting needs at the pool. Replace the ones over the bathhouse. Don
We will repair the existing ride-on mower. Paul
Sprinkler system repair status – awaiting visit from the manufacturers. DMc/Bijan
Drooping barbed wire – we should repair the barbed wire. Andy/Don to come up with a proposal. Metropolitan Fence.
More picnic tables and umbrellas? No to the former. Yes to the latter. Ten $300 umbrellas approved. Need to insert pipes in the tables.
Grills – Go for three of the more expensive ones. DaveMc/Andy.
Work days July 1, 14 and 28 (Alternative days can be arranged to better meet board availability.)
Order the Table Wheels – Done DJ
Special Events

Pool Management


DaveMc submitted an update. Noted.
Finances: Uncashed checks from last year – to be counted. DMc/PH

WiFi and second lap lane
Cashing co-op checks
Sale lost and found July 7 from 2-4.
The Summer Solstice
Showers don’t overuse
Shopping help
Excavators in the sand box
Tent night
New Email System – TR distributed the new email address.
Twitter credentials – Andrew
Improving the wifi at the pool – seems to be working well.

Future Meetings

Every second Monday, July 2, 16 & 30; August 13 & 27.